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Saisei Wine Sober
Product Code#:0019A
10ml Origin: Japan

Price HK$37.00

Saisei Wine Sober is a unique and the faster healthy drink to get rid of hangover-producing by-products created by excessive alcohol consumption. All you have to do is drink half bottle of Saisei Wine Sober before, during or after consuming alcoholic beverages. Drinking Method: (1) Preventive 30 minutes before drinking alcohol, take 1 bottle. It gives the maximum effect of preventing a drunken state. (2) Mid-drinking if your find having exceeded you normal drinking limit, take one more bottle during the mid of drinking. (3) After drinking, if taken after drinking, it will prevent a hangover and remove foul breath getting ready for next days work. (4) Daily drinking you can take it in the normal life even if you don drink alcohol in such instance, you will have clear head and less fatigues, while maintaining a good health.

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