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Golden Swallow
Yam & Organic Black Bean
Product Code#:O104
Size: 450g

Price HK$44.00

*It has a strict selection of traditional imperial-use precious and health-keeping food material.
*It helps you increase your energy, accelerate metabolism and cleaning of the blood.
*Yam, black rice, black bean & black sesame make perfect healthy drink.
*They are also very high in nutrients, minerals and dietary fiber.
*It contains good quality protein, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin B1, B2. *It is able to effectively improve the physique, beauty, hair growth, skin care and have anti-aging properties.
*Ingredients: Organic black sesame, organic black bean, black rice, organic buckwheat, organic flax seed, yam, goji berries, black fungus and glucose.

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