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Organic Soybean
Product Code#:66B
Origin: U.S.A
Size: 25 lbs

Price HK$455.00

*Soybean has been of great interest in the fight against osteoporosis for many years due to its high phyto-estrogen content
*Soybean are amazingly high not only in protein but also in key minerals such as Calcium, potassium, and iron are all present.
*The fat in soybeans is mostly unsaturated, making them great for cholesterol-lowering diets.
*These sweet, nutty beans are the only bean with complete protein, containing all 8 essential amino acids.
*Rich in soy isoflavones and lecithin
*Our soybeans are 100% grow organically, non-GMO and we sell the best soybean in the world which is growth in the U.S.A

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