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Organic Ground Red Coix
Product Code#:O109
Size: 500g
Origin: Hong Kong


Organic ground red coix (organic red pearl barley) belongs to the herb of the grass family, with anther name called Jobstears seed. Organic red pearl barley is considered as the king of gramineae plant because of the high nutritive value. The main components are protein, vitamin B1, B2 and other minerals such as calcium, iron and phosphorus. With these natural vitamins and minerals, it promotes healthy lung, kidney and is good for detoxification.

As you can found pearl barley everywhere in the market, but organic red pearl barley is very rare and hard to find. Its bran is very rich in Coixenolide, minerals, and dietary fiber. Coixenolide can prevent and kill cancer in safe condition. It can also boost up immune system, increase metabolism and promote healthy skin.

Organic ground red coix is grind with 100% purely organic red coix thru hi-tech technology while keeping the natural taste and nutrition.

30g of organic red coix can be added in oatmeal, hot water, milk, soymilk, milk tea, coffee, juices or your favorite beverages. Both hot or cold are delicious for you and your family.
1-2servings per day and is good for everyone in your family as breakfast or as snack.

Organic red coix is not suitable for pregnant women and people with kidney problems.
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