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Honey Pacifica Raw Buckwheat Honey
Product Code#:08142
Unheated and Unprocessed Honey - Fresh from a California Beekeeper


California Raw Honey
Hand Packed in Glass
Direct from a California Beekeeper

Cold Packed Buckwheat Honey is dark, rich honey produced from the nectar of the wild buckwheat blooming in the early summer warmth of the California mountains. It's sharp yet pleasing taste make it a favorite of those who enjoy full-bodied flavorful foods and drinks. Features the signature creamy taste of unheated honey. Cold Packed honey is 100% raw, unheated, unfiltered and packed in glass. Click to buy Cold Packed Buckwheat Honey in bulk and save an extra 5%. See pictures above for size comparison.

California Buckwheat honey is much lighter in color and flavor compared to the Buckwheat honey produced on the East coast. Eastcoast buckwheat can be quite dark and rich almost like our avocado honey.

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