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10 reasons to buy Organic

More Healthy  and Nutritions:

According to the research, organic food contains more iron, calcium, maganisum enzymes, vitamin C and trace elements and even cancer-fighting; on the other hand, organic food contains less heavy metal and nitrates.

Taste Better :

Organic farming is to retain the natural taste of the products  

To Prevent burst out like influenza :  

To breed in high density is unhealthy.  Open space and earth friendly environment for the poultry is the best way to prevent burst out like influenza 

Use Less Chemicals  :

Under organic manufacturing, chemical materials should be used under certain standard

Promote Non - GMO Products :

Organically grown with non-idential apperance and uniform

Promote Earth Friendly Environment :

Use natural fertilizers in organic farming; produce less chemicals and therefore promote biodiversity

Protect the Health of Farm  Workers : 

Organic farms prevent farm workers from harmful pesticides

Repersent continues enconomy :

Promote continues enconomy and product diversity

Prevent Soil erosion :

Prevent soil erosion and other environmental damage, therefore, provide high quality food in the future

Support Local Farmers :

Organic farming helps to increase farmer's income





Lundberg Organic Short Grain Brown Rice

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